Norco Exercise Ball

Norco Exercise Ball

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Norco Exercise Balls help improve core stabilisation by training the muscles of the spinal column as the body works to stay in balance.



A Norco Exercise Ball can help improve your core stabilisation by training the muscles of the spinal column while the body works to maintain balance. Ideal for exercises involving flexion, extension, equilibrium reactions, and postural adjustments.

Made of non-slip, heavy-duty vinyl, the  exercise ball is latex free, tested to support up to 550 lbs (250 kg), and deflate slowly if punctured. They are for indoor use only and can be used while seated, standing, on the floor, or against a wall.

Each excerise ball is individually packaged and includes:
• Ball with plug
• Plug remover
• Pump
• Measuring tape
• Exercise poster
• Nozzle adapter


Sizing is based on height:

Person’s Height Ball Diameter Ball Colour
140cm to 155cm 45 cm Yellow
155cm to 167cm 55cm Red
167cm to 183cm 65cm Green
183cm to 193cm 75cm Blue
Other sizes available by request only.
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Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 40.0 × 32.0 × 10.0 cm

45cm: Yellow, 55cm: Red, 65cm: Green, 75cm: Blue


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