The Causes And Treatments For Swelling

The Causes & Treatments For Swelling

Unexplained swelling can often be concerning, as it causes pain, heaviness and can limit your function.

There are several conditions which can cause this unexplained swelling, and they can be treated very effectively with some specialist physiotherapy services now available at Alpha Physiotherapy.

Causes Of Swelling

Prolonged Swelling After An Injury Or Surgery
Swollen Feet And Ankles

Treatments For Swelling

Treatment for Lymphoedema
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Compression Garments
Detox Massage

If you have any further questions regarding a swelling problem or any other condition, please feel free to contact Alpha Physiotherapy and book an appointment on (07) 3279 3871.

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Alpha Physio offers fast, effective treatment of many major ailments and specialist treatment of Psoas Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, and Migraines. We have several highly skilled physiotherapists as well as an on-site massage therapist to cover all your needs. Contact us today on 3279 3871, and let us improve your physical wellbeing and long term health.

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